Our Family

As many of you may know, we are so deeply heartbroken by the loss of JoEllen, wife, mother, grandma, aunt and friend to many. She is deeply missed by all, and with our faith we know she is helping guide us through every day. 

IN LOVING MEMORY OF JoEllen Wieseler. . .

JoEllen was one of those souls that will be dearly missed by everyone. Especially by me and our family Sr Desirae, Robin and wife Ashley two grandchildren Kamden and Zadie, and Darin. She would go above and beyond to help anyone out in time of need. She would never be afraid to speak out for what was right or wrong. She was definitely the rock of our family even on her last days with us she would put family gatherings ahead of anything else. For example, we had planned a supper together and her health was not good so I said we need to get going to see the doctor and Jo said no everyone is coming over to eat so we will go after that, that’s how much she loved family! JoEllen was always that way, she would put off things that she needed to get done to get this or that for us, she went out of her way thousands of times to make everyone happy. Whether it was giving our kids (and half the team) rides to baseball, softball, competition cheer, football, basketball, track, snow queen, or wrestling she hardly ever (if ever) missed an event that our kids were in.

She graduated with a master’s degree in Guidence and Counseling and every school that she worked at she left a mark with all her students. She took 16 years off to help raise our children and help out at the farm, just recently returned to counseling in Faulkton and she never lost her touch, always so very dedicated. 

We all knew she did a lot for us, but I think we may have taken it for granted. We didn’t realize how much she really did until she was gone. She did all the catalog, registrations, food, hats, and everything else in between. She will always remain in our hearts and memories. There isn’t a day that goes by where she isn’t brought up in a conversation. We miss her and we love her dearly. We sure miss her, so hold your loved ones a little tighter and don’t take them for granted because they can be gone in an instance. 

In Loving Memory of JoEllen Wieseler August 1st, 1960 – November 18th, 2020

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